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MCC Baosteel Finished Installation Project in Taishan Station, Antarctica for China's 35th Scientific Investigation
CopyFrom: Date:19 February 2019
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  In the evening of February 12, the fifth subsidiary of MCC Baosteel received the good news from Chen Zhong, project team leader from Zhongshan Station, Antarctica, that the equipment installation project for China's 35th scientific investigation in Antarctica at the Taishan Station was finished on February 1 after 38 days of efforts from the six team members, and the first debugging was successful. This means the phase two of project construction in Taishan Station, Antarctica was completed.

  The six team members had been back to the Zhongshan Station together with the Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition, to have a rest. They were expected to take the MV Xue Long on February 14, and to travel back to China on February 15 and reach Shanghai at the end of March.

  The equipment installation and engineering project includes ten partitioned projects, including groundwork and basics, structure/equipment installation, heat-supply pipelines, water supply and drainage pipelines, and 42 sub-projects, covering plank/rough ground/steel girder/blanking panels/ cold-air pipes/warm-air pipes, and electrical piping/setting-out routes/wiring. More than 10,000 meters of cables of all types, more than 1,000 meters of stainless steel crane span structures, more than 4,000 meters of pipelines, and more than 30 tons of structural members were involved in the project. The installation started on December 26, 2018. The six operators worked in harsh environment – in extremely cold weather, blizzard, and high ultraviolet radiation, for more than 12 hours every day, demonstrating the simple yet profound MCC spirit of "Never delaying and never slacking". Their dedication to work and the professionalism has been highly recognized by the leaders of the 35th Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition.

  It is reported that the second phase of the construction project in Taishan Station, Antarctica, is an important part in the 35th scientific investigation in Antarctica. The Taishan Station is between the Zhongshan Station and the Kunlun Station. It can provide logistics support to the scientific expedition to the Kunlun Station. After the second phase of construction in Taishan Station was finished on February 1, the Station now has better facilities, and more energy efficient buildings. It can meet requirements from the expedition of 20 people better, both in investigation and living. The main building for the Taishan Station was completed at the beginning of 2014. There are three storeys, with each for equipment, for living, and for observation. The novel building takes multiple functions into consideration. In Antarctica, snowdrift can happen, due to disturbance in wind field. When snowdrift happens, buildings are likely to be covered by snow. To resolve this problem, the main building of the Taishan Station is in a streamline, and is built on a two-meter stilt, to reduce resistance from wind, and to facilitate the snow be blown away by wind. The Taishan Station is located 2,621 meters above sea level in Princess Elizabeth Land, an inland ice sheet at the east of Antarctica, and 522 kilometers from the Zhongshan Station.