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CISDI Exports Complete Equipment of Coke Oven Gasometers to Turkey
CopyFrom: Date:18 February 2019
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  On February 14, CISDI Group Co., Ltd. (CISDI) signed a contract with the Turkish steel company Isdemir, to provide the complete equipment for new coke oven gasometers.

  CISDI and a top European gasometers company competed for the bid. CISDI was recognized for its strength in the new POC gasometer. This lays the foundation for MCC Group to enter the European market with its strength in technology.

  CISDI independently owns the patent of the new POC gasometer, which stands out for less occupying space, low operation costs, long service life, and unmanned operation supported. It accounts for 70% of the same type of gasometer in China market, and was first put into use overseas in the joint base of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation in Vietnam, which has been in stable operation for three years.

  Isdemir is a subsidiary of OYAK Mining Metallurgy Group, which is the largest steel company in Turkey, with annual steel production more than 8 million tons. CISDI is one of the top metallurgical construction companies in China. By bringing the better techniques and construction experience in steel construction abroad, CISDI demonstrates the MCC Group's strength in the world metallurgy industry.