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CCTV Dialogue: MCC's Project Wins the First Class Award of State Science and Technology Prize
CopyFrom: Date:25 February 2019
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  To implement the thoughts in Chairman Guo Wenqing's important speech on "Building a world top metallurgical company and the national team of metallurgy", and the guiding principles of MCC's 2019 work meeting, the Publicity Department of Party Committee of MCC proactively made communication and organization. On February 24, the Dialogue from CCTV Finance Channel broadcast a themed program "Interactive Scientific Research Providing New Momentum", focusing on the projects that have been awarded with State Science and Technological Prizes, by introducing the First Class Award winner, "the R&D and application of clean and highly efficient coking techniques and equipment" led by MCC. It is MMC Group's first achievement of this kind. In this program, MCC fully demonstrated its strength to build a world-class "national team" in construction, operation and service in the metallurgy industry.

  MCC and MCC Party Standing Committee Member and MCC Vice-President Qu Yang, and Secretary of Party Committee and President of ACRE Automation Co., Ltd., MCC (ACRE) Yu Zhendong were invited, to introduce "the R&D and application of clean and highly efficient coking techniques and equipment" in detail from multiple aspects, including project overview, subject choosing, R&D process, and market development, and demonstrated the remarkable achievements in making breakthroughs independently, combining the strength from industry, universities and research, performance in domestic and overseas markets, meeting requirements for environment performance, etc.. Prof. Zhang Xinxin, former President of University of Science and Technology of Beijing (USTB), and Wang Mingguo, General Chemical Plant of Angang Steel Co.,Ltd. demonstrated the challenges, highlights and achievements of the project based on the basic studies and research of universities, and recognized the courage of the demonstration project "to be the first to try tomato".

  Led by ACRE, the project has been applied in 47 projects in both home and abroad, including Angang Steel Company Limited, China Baowu, Formosa Plastics Group, Formosa Ha Tinh Steel, Tata Steel, and JSW. By the time the project was awarded, the project had covered 96% of the domestic market of large-scale coke ovens, and more than 60% of the overseas market. This will help reduce the consumption of quality coking coals by 12.9 million tons annually, and reduce investment in construction by RMB 16 billion in total. In addition, the proportion of large-scale coke oven increases by 37%, and the industry concentration by 280%, whereas the pollution from each ton of coke decreases by 12%. This project proves to be a reliable technical support for the transformation, upgrade, and high-level development of China's traditional basic industries.

  The Dialogue from CCTV Finance (CCTV-2) is a widely popular program based on conversations, with the longest duration of its kind. It is a platform for communication and dialogs between the host and government officials, business elites, economists, central figures in news and investors. Through the communication between the host, the guests, and the audience, the program can reveal the thinking and experience of the guests, and the latest trend of current economy and society.