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MCC Signs a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Yinchuan City
CopyFrom: Date:29 December 2018
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  On December 29, Zhang Zhaoxiang, member of the Party Group and Deputy General Manager of China Minmetals, and MCC Party Committee Secretary and General Manager, held talks with Yinchuan Mayor Yang Yujing to jointly witness the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between MCC and Yinchuan Municipal People's Government. The two sides will further strengthen their cooperation in the fields of real estate development, rail transportation, expressways, underground utility tunnel and urban infrastructure.

  During the talks, Zhang Zhaoxiang thanked Yinchuan municipal Party committee and municipal government for their strong support to MCC over the years, and pointed out that MCC had successfully transformed itself into a national team for metallurgical construction, a main force of infrastructure construction and a leader in emerging industries, and had long stuck to the road of hi-tech and high-quality development. With the advantages in technology and talents accumulated in the construction of iron and steel industry before, MCC has provided solutions for urban comprehensive problems and pioneered the advanced concepts such as smart cities and spongy cities in China. With urban infrastructure, high-end housing building, rail transportation, expressways, sewage treatment, waste incineration, black and odorous water treatment, soil remediation as well as underground utility tunnel as its specialized fields and main businesses, MCC has successfully completed multiple projects and accumulated rich experience.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang said Yinchuan City, with fast development speed, promising development prospects and good market environment, was the market that MCC focused on and vigorously developed and that MCC, a large central enterprise that kept its promise and shouldered its social responsibility bravely, had maintained friendly cooperation with Yinchuan City for many years. He hoped the two sides would take the opportunity of signing the strategic cooperation framework agreement to enhance communication and exchanges, speed up the implementation of key projects and further strengthen the cooperation in the fields of real estate development, shanty town renovation, expressways, rail transportation and underground utility tunnel. MCC will take full use of its own advantages to complete various projects with high quality and efficiency, and he also hoped that Yinchuan municipal Party committee and municipal government would continue to give it strong support.

  Yang Yujing thanked MCC for its great contributions to Yinchuan's economic and social development over the years, and pointed out that Yinchuan, with grand urban planning, beautiful ecological environment, high quality of life and rapid economic development, had achieved desired results in various economic indicators this year. It is conducting industrial transformation and remedying its shortcomings in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, with huge space for development. MCC is a large central enterprise which has strong strength and rich experience and fulfills its social responsibility. It has completed many major projects with high quality in Yinchuan City, setting up a good social image and winning the public praise. He hoped the two sides would further expand and deepen their cooperation, further accelerate Yinchuan's urban public utilities and infrastructure construction, and promote Yinchuan's economic and social development, ecological civilization construction level and urban service level on the premise of abiding by national laws and regulations, under the background of national BRI construction and infrastructure connectivity, and in accordance with the principle of "based on long-term development, equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, win-win cooperation and common development".

  After the meeting, under the witness of leaders such as Zhang Zhaoxiang and Yang Yujing, Qu Yang, member of Standing Committee of Party Committee and Vice President of MCC, and Yong Hui, Deputy Mayor of Yinchuan, signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of both sides.

  Li Yongning, Yonghui, Xu Qing, Tian Dangzheng and Wang Zhun from Yinchuan and Qu Yang, Zeng Jianzhong, Yao Jinchuan, Li Huiying, Wang Wei and Yang Kui from MCC attended the meeting.


  Scene of the meeting


  Scene of the signing ceremony