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China 22MCC Group Wins the Bid of the Steel Structure Project of the Largest Railway Traffic Hub in Asia
CopyFrom: Date:11 December 2018
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  On December 10, China 22MCC Group won the bid of the largest railway traffic hub project in Asia, namely the station building of the reconstruction project of Beijing Railway Station (Fengtai Station) and the steel structure Section II of ZFSG-1 Section of the relevant project.

  The project is located between West 3rd Ring Road and West 4th Ring road. The station building covers an area of 398.8 thousand m2 with a maximum capacity of 14 thousand people. Featuring a style of "plane roof + colonnade", Beijing Railway Station (Fengtai Station) integrates railway, subway, municipal facilities, public transport, and supporting facilities. Consisting of four floors on the ground and three underground floors, the station features double layers for vehicle with ordinary speeds and those with high speeds. Underground, it has Beijing subway Line 10 and Line 16 for passengers to transfer. Combining railway, subway, municipal facilities, public transport, and supporting facilities, the project will usher in an era of the fourth generation of Chinese railway station building featuring tandem railway passenger station, comprehensive station building, integrated traffic hub project, and intelligent comprehensive traffic hub project. Upon completion, the Fengtai Station will accommodate operation lines of Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway, Beijing-Shijiazhuang Intercity Rail Line, Beijing-Kowloon High-Speed Railway, Fengtai-Shacheng Railway, Beijing-Yuanping Railway, Beijing-Shanghai Railway, and suburban railway. It will realize deep integration with Beijing Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, and other railway hubs in Beijing, well-poised to optimize traffic structure and improve comprehensive traffic system of Beijing and boost social and economic development. In the project, China 22MCC Group will undertake the deep design, material purchasing, processing and production, transportation, installation, and other tasks of the station building to the west of the 11th Axis (including high-speed canopy), entailing work amount 71,235 tons.