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Successful Start-up of Shanghai Baoye ESSB 6-Strand Square Billet Continuous Casting Project
CopyFrom: Date:22 December 2018
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  On December 18, as the burst of firecrackers resounded to the skies, the trial production of the ESSB 6-strand square billet continuous casting project undertaken by Shanghai Baoye achieved complete success.

  ESSB 6-strand square billet production line was ESSB's second slab production line, mainly producing 120-150 square billets. This Project took a total of eight months from piling to production and fully demonstrated Shanghai Baoye's strength in quickly organizing construction of overseas projects. During the site construction, with the strong support of leaders at all levels and various functional departments of the project department, Shanghai Baoye successively overcame many difficulties such as domestic steel structure and material concentration in port, the difficulty in handling formalities for constructors to enter and exit customs, and the rainy season in Malaysia, carried out fine management and scientific organization, and promoted the MCC spirit of "No work should be delayed for even one day" to successfully complete the set production target, which was the first attempt to actively cooperate with ESSB to resume production and expand production capacity.

  The Project responds to the national development strategy of "the Belt and Road" initiative to implement the responsibility of central enterprises to promote local development, accumulate rich experience for the company's overseas project construction, fully radiate the brand effect of Baoye in the Malaysian construction market, and greatly enhance the market competitiveness of Baoye metallurgical engineering.