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MCC Wins Biddings from Xiong'an New Area's Projects
CopyFrom: Date:20 February 2019
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  On February 16, China Second Metallurgy Group Corporation Limited won the bidding of the steel structure work of the high-speed railway station in the Xiong'an New Area (second section).

  The high-speed railway station in Xiong'an is at the north of Chuangyi Rd., with the area of construction of 43,496 square meters, and the building height at 45.6 meters. Built in framed structure, the railway station will be an important transportation hub in the future, and will facilitate this region to have the most number of high-speed railways in the world. China Second Metallurgy Group Corporation Limited will be responsible for the production and delivery of the steel members under the supporting layers of railway.

  On February 18, China MCC 20 Group Co., Ltd (MCC 20) won the bidding for the project of construction (reconstruction) of water supply pipe network in Anxin County, Xiong'an New Area.

  The construction site is in and around the Anxin County, Xiong'an New Area. In the construction, 112,510 meters of water supply pipes is to be reconstructed, including 86,120 meters of DN110 pipes, and 26,390 meters of DN200 meters. 12,700 meters of DN315 pipes are to be built. 21,956 water meters will be involved, including 12,651 water meters to be reconstructed, and 9,295 to be added. In addition, there will be 146 water meter chambers, 146 valve chambers, and 626 fire hydrant chambers to be built. When the construction is finished, MCC 20 will continue to improve the infrastructure for water supply in Xiong'an New Area, and set standards for safe water supply, to promote the upgrade of the water supply system at the supply side, and enhance effective control over water system in the new area, which will be of great significance for the sustainable development of the Xiong'an New Area.